Corporación VITAL – Medios de Vida y Microfinanzas
“We are a non-profit organization working in Latin America, focused on innovation and sustainability in social programs aimed at reducing poverty and improving quality of life for the population through the strenghtening of human capital, community resources self-management, financial education focused on saving, income generation and socially responsible financial inclusion.”


IED – Iniciativas Empresariales de Desarrollo
“We are an association of companies (Corporación Medios de Vida y Microfinanzas VITAL e Iniciativas Empresariales de Desarrollo IED) specializing in the creation and development of Self-Managed Savings Groups and GAAC Credit, as a basis for promoting growth and progress for people and communities below the poverty line and more vulnerable rural communities.


Sólo Ayuda A.C.
“Sólo Ayuda is an NGO established for the sole purpose of bringing people, companies and organizations together to provide assistance to other NGOs already working in the field with people across the country. We seek to acquire and provide information for such NGOs, without responding to any political party or special interest, that could be of some assistance in some of the major issues ailing our country, such as extreme poverty, education, corruption, migration, unemployment and domestic or gender-based violence, among others.”